Grooming Services


Select from our menu of grooming services for your cat, and we’ll make sure you come home to a happy, fresh-faced feline friend. For toothbrushing, please note that you are to provide kitty’s personal toothbrush as we do not use shared ones for sanitary reasons. All grooming will be conducted 24 hours prior to the checkout date.

Our in-house Nekoya Express Groom (worth $50) includes: Ear Cleanse, Eye Cleanse, Nail Clipping, Brush Out.

For professional cat grooming services that include undercoat removal, bathing, spa, cut & style, we offer complimentary transport to our sister company, the Nekomori Cat Salon for your cat during its stay with us. Please enquire with your caretaker for appointment booking or grooming quotations.

Grooming services are only available for guests boarding at Nekoya.

Coming home from a trip away, the last thing you want to do is to put yourself through an angry bath session with your cat. Let our skilled hands do the work – With our in-house grooming services, we’ll make sure your cat is homebound from boarding with us at the Nekoya cat hotel, looking and smelling good.

Grooming Service

Waterless Bath, Ear Cleanse, Eye Cleanse, Nail Clipping, Tear Stain Removal, Toothbrushing, Express Groom, Nekomori Cat Salon, Undercoat Removal

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