PinkPawPal Eye & Facial Cleansing Solution for Cats and Dogs


  • Comes in a 250ml
  • Safely reduces deep tears stains around the eyes, face & body area
  • Must be used continuously for visible results
  • Gentle enough for multiple usages in a day

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The Eye and Facial Cleaning Solution by PinkPawPal helps in removing deep tear stains for cats and dogs. Safe and gentle for use around the eyes, face and body. Can be safely used multiple times a day as required for tear stain removal. For best results, use in conjunction with Tear Stain Removing Powder.


Before using this product, add warm & clean distilled water as marked on the exterior of the container and shake well. Leave the solution for 1 day before the first usage. Moisten a cotton ball with Eye and Facial Cleansing Solution and gently clean your pet’s eyes or stain area. Then wipe with soft tissue paper until dry.